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hello everyone, my name is Duy and a am a website designer. Started with a passion for building websites, I’ve been on a journey alone for a long time now. Now that I feel like I’ve got a hold of building websites for my business and clients, I want to take on a new challenge of growing a youtube channel. First is because i want to share this journey of solo entrepreneurship with you guys, in hope that if this video could help just 1 person in any shape or form, i would be very happy because it gives this channel a sense of purpose. Second is because life is too short, if we dont live life a little bit by creating memories and have a good times with like minded people, time will slip by and we wont get the chance to relive our lives again. and if we could records these memories, one day when we get old, we could watch it to remind our self what we look like when we are young.Third is because i want to create a legacy, something that long lasting and youtube, and the internet is a great way to build our embition. subscribe to my channel and come with me on the great adventure.
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